Sunday, April 24, 2011

How many of you wish that you could control some of the things that come out of your students month's?  Well teach-okay is the way for you to do it.  You can find background information for teach-okay at  I know that this is an easy way for me to control what my students are saying.  At first, my students had no idea what to expect.  Most of them were confused why I was allowing them to talk to each other during class.  I knew that I had won them over.

I have taken teach-okay one step farther.  When it is the 1's turn to talk they will stand up and vise versus.  This is allowing me to understand who is doing and saying what they are suppose to.  I have also research that standing up give extra blood flow to the brain.  The brain is what I am trying to shape, so it just made sense.  My students enjoy the moments when they get to teach and love teaching one another.  If I ever see someone off task, I go over and start to repeat the information again.  I have my students repeat the information as many times as they possibly can before they say switch.  I figure the more times they say it, the more likely they are to remember it

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